Static Seal S34

DESCRIPTION Static Seal S34 used as an alternative to conventially used O-ring/back-up ring combinations for radial static seling applicationas at high pressures Symetrical sealing geometry and low compression set and extrusion resistance material secure excellent sealing performance even in pulsating pressuress conditions Read More

APPLICATION Standard hydraulic cylinders Industrial vehicle Injection moulding machines Presess Stabilizer cilinders Agriculture equipment Construction machinery Machime tools.

Pressure, Speed
Working pressure Max 50 Mpa

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Standard material  
Material set code U5017
Material base Polyurethane
Hardness, Shore A 94
Color Dark blue
Max. permissible gap dimension, emax, mm
Sealing gap for U5017 Up to 0.2
Preferred sealing gap, generally H8/g6

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