Engineering corner

“Would you like to expand your business and maintain your competitive edge? Polyseal engineers and application specialists will work with you to develop products and materials to improve the overall performance and longevity of your products.

Benefits for you:
– To upgrade ready-made, customized solutions for your application
– Application of high performance materials to achieve a much better design.
– Use state-of-the-art development and production technology, including modern digital tools.”

In addition to our extensive range of catalog products, we have the ability to produce various rubber parts, rubber metal and plastic parts for customers as individual pieces or in economical small series, particularly in case of machine failure, prototyping, the need for non-standard dimensions, material changes to increase resistance to aggressive media or environment

Many situations in the industry require an immediate response and rapid production and delivery for your urgent needs for repair or prototyping. Whether you need a custom profile and material or a custom solution of one of our standard profiles, or a new solution according to special requirements, we can provide the highest quality product at economical cost due to small batch, lower mold and tool costs and minimum production time.

Our products can be made, in molds up to 1200 mm in diameter or 5m in length, for a wide range of applications from specific specialty elastomers: NBR, FPM, FEPM, EPDM, VMQ, and from high performance plastics: TPE, PU, ​​POM, PA, PTFE, PEEK up to 400 mm in diameter.

“If you want to comunicate:
Please describe your problem and said to us what you want?
What is the problem with the existing sealing solution?
Want you new sealing solution?
We will know to solve it and you will have right answer.”